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Perfect Wreath Size for Your Door

Front door wreaths add the perfect amount of curb appeal and instantly create the perfect warm, welcoming entrance for your guests that last all season long. Before choosing a perfect wreath for your front door there are a few factor to take into account before deciding to finalize your decision. Wreaths can come in many different shapes, styles, and colors, so choosing can become a tough task.

We typically make approximately 24inch- 26inch wreaths which we have found to be the perfect size got any standard door. Most standard doors are 3 feet wide by 78inches tall, we identified that the perfect wreath height on a door is between 14-16 inches down from the top of your door. this will keep the wreath from any disturbances when the door is in use.

If you are looking for a more dramatic curb appeal, our 36 inch wreaths are perfect! The wreath will fit flush with the sides of your door, this size is perfect for doors that are not in use all the time. We recommend hanging your 36 inch wreath around 12 inches down from the top of your door. It also allows you to attach a monogram in the middle of the wreath as well, we can create just about any custom monogram for you! This size wreath will cost more to ship than standard sizes due to the size and weight.

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