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Wreath Care

So you just bought a new wreath eh? Well here are some great tips for storage and general care to help keep your wreath looking its best for many seasons to come!

Your wreath will take a beating sitting out on your front door, so before you put your wreath away take these quick and easy steps to help prolong the life of your wreath.

  • Cleaning Don't put a wreath away dirty!

- Gently shake out the wreath to remove any debris that may have ended up in it -Use a blow drier on the cold setting to blow off any dirt and dust that may be in it

-Trim off any unsightly strings

  • Storage

-Before storing make sure the wreath has no moisture in it otherwise it will mold

-Be sure to store the wreath in a dry area

-Cover the wreath with a large black garbage bag and hang somewhere cool

  • Putting your wreath back up

-When bringing your wreath back out for the season you can reshape any of the ribbons that may have gone flat during storage, This also may need to be done after a strong wind or heavy rain

-Spray on a fabric UVA block to prevent any sun damage or fading

-Add your own touch to make your wreath more personal and even more beautiful

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